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WiFi 2019 Covering iOS 13

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1. Here is what I know about Wi-Fi so far

2. The biggest issue right now is the Hacker’s are stealing

and sharing everyone’s Home WiFi user names (SSID)

and passwords in very large online Data Bases.

3. If you remember a few years ago Google did what was called Street View Maps. As it turns out when they got

done they had everyone’s WiFi User Name and Passwords. In Europe they had lawsuits and forced Google to delete all that information.

1. Looking at how that was done: Here is the most likely way this was and is still being done.

2. When your WiFi is turned on it searches every 10 to 15 seconds for every WiFi connection you have ever connected to along with any new ones it finds. When it searches it send out the user name and password also. The Hacker’s with very little equipment can monitor and record the information your device is sending out. If they can determine the one you use at home they can see if you are listed in one of the online Data Bases and know where you live.

3. If they are in your neighborhood they know your location as well. If at your local hangout they can set up a Fake WiFi and your device will connect to it rather than the local one and they can record everything you do. I mean everything.

4. Edward Snowden suggests not to use your WiFi at home but to use an Ethernet Cable instead, but that is not very easy. He also suggests turning off all radios as

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WiFi 2019 Covering iOS 13


much as possible. Radios meaning WiFi, Bluetooth,

and Cellular.

I have some suggestions but have not been able to prove how effective they are:

1. I renamed my Home WiFi to the same as the local ISP (Internet Service Provider) in my case Spectrum so I named mine just like Spectrum does, SpectrumWiFi. I think if enough people did this it would make it very confusing in these online Data Bases.

2. I am also thinking of changing the PassCode every now and again. I never did in the past.

3. With Apple’s newer devices you can tell the WiFi to stop Auto Connecting and it stops looking for those WiFi connections. It is no longer broadcasting your connection information. This at first is painful because you have to click on your WiFi Connection to connect but is does remember your PassCodes.

4. Settings, WiFi, Click the Little Blue i in a circle. Turn off Auto-Join

5. Each time I leave my home I turn off BlueTooth, WiFi and sometimes I even turn off Cellular. Turning Cellular back on as needed.

This guy sent an eMail to his neighbor thanking him for the use of his WiFi but he did not notice every time he typed wifi the auto correct changed it to wife.


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