An App Called Signal

Signal is a security app used for talking and texting. It uses end-to-end encryption, the very best encryption there is at the moment. When talking both parties have the same message on their screen meaning it is a secured conversation.

It works either with your cellular service or VoIP service. Due to SS7 security issues with cellular services it is highly suggested you use it with VoIP services. I am using VoIP service provider TextNow. And interesting discovery I found, I moved my VoIP service off my iPhone and yet Signal continues to work using that same number. I suppose that it will continue unless someone tries to use that same number on Signal. Then of course I will have to get a new number.

When you first set things up you do get a validation code that you have to type in proving the number belongs to you.

Both people need to have Signal for this to work. It works on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Keep in mind that Signal works over your Data Plan or your WiFi (I think).

The service and App are free. Of course you are paying for your Data or WiFi service.

The App is created by Silent Circle.

I suggest this App for everyone especially if you are a Doctor or Lawyer. If you are in government then you are on your own. LOL. 😊

Roy Frost from TheGoodAppleClub in South Carolina, USA.

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