This works on most Computer systems including PC, Mac, and Linux.

I find a large number of computer users only use one user account and as I understand it this can be unwise. If your system is hacked from over the Internet the hacker has complete access to you system and can install or make changes, because this account is likely to be an Administrator Account.

A long time ago a Computer Expert suggested to always have at least two accounts. One as a Standard Account and one as an Administrator Account. Others have gone so far as to suggest turning off the Guest Account.

Create a new Account making it an Administrator Account with an Excellent PassPhrase (write it down). Now log into your new account and change your Original Account into a Standard Account. The idea being you have all your work stored into the Original Account.

Logout and back into you Original Account and do this from now on. You will be asked for your Administrator User Name and PassPhrase each time you want to make changes or add programs. But even though a Hacker may access your computer they will not be able to make changes to your system.

Keep in mind they will be able to steal most things on your computer. I will cover how to protect your most important files in another Post later.

I had one computer Hacked into because I forgot and left it online overnight and they had a Ball but could not destroy me.

When you close the lid on your Laptop it takes it off line and is much safer than say a Desktop computer.

Roy Frost

iPhone Tracking Frequent Locations

iPhone Tracking Frequent Locations

Over the past 5 years or so we’ve heard and seen a lot about cell phone tracking. I’d like to point out an often overlooked tracking on your iPhone, it’s called frequent locations. Your iPhone tracks where you’ve been and how long you’ve been there, doesn’t sound bad if it’s just tracking your travels to and from work, right?  But it knows how long you’ve been out of the house, how long you’ve been at work, or at Home Depot, it’s a little too much information for me.

So if you want to turn it off, while still being able to use HomeKit or shopping apps, follow these steps.

Go to Settings, scroll down and tap  Privacy, at the very top you’ll see Location Services, it’s probably on to give you the tracking you want.  Tap Location Services and scroll down to the bottom and tap System Services.  Now school down and tap Frequent Locations, it’s probably on, so you can review the tracking that’s gone on. Now ,Tap Clear History,  to purge this data, then turn the Frequent Locations off. this will stop the Frequent Locations tracking.

I’d suggest you do this each time iOS updates, because we all just tap “Agree” and that may reset the Frequent Locations tracking.

By the Way it’s much worse on an Android Phone, because this data is tracked through Google and can be used by anyone with permissions on the phone.

This is my source:


iMessage is encrypted end-to-end during the conversation but when you back up to iCloud it is no longer encrypted end-to-end. It is encrypted but Apple or a Warrant can review everything in your iMessage Account. This happens if either person backs up using iCloud. 

End-to-End encryption is the very best kind and it can not be hacked into in what is called Man-in-Middle, in other words only the two people one on each end can read the conversation.