AirPort Extreme/Express

First I would like to say these are excellent WiFi Modems. The amount of things you can do with them is amazing. 

I can not recommend them because the only way to update or change is using Apples software and the software soon outpaces the devices and you are stuck with devices that are not updateable or changeable.

I have one of the first Airpot Extremes (it looks like a Spaceship) and it still works, but I have to use the same old Username and Password.

I have an earlier AirPort Express that I used as my personal WiFi in Motels as I traveled. I plugged it into an Ethernet Cable slot and had my own little protected private WiFi network.  You have to reset it for the newer software to see it. Not knowing the model was to early to update, I reset it and right now it is not working.

P.S. I found an early iMac that could no longer be updated and after a little thinkering I am  back in business. With a Big Fat note stuck on it saying please never reset this Airport Express as that will be the end of its life forever.

There is a recommended FirmWare update for both of the newer models. 

Roy Frost, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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