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Posted by Roy Frost, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

AirPort Extreme/Express

First I would like to say these are excellent WiFi Modems. The amount of things you can do with them is amazing. 

I can not recommend them because the only way to update or change is using Apples software and the software soon outpaces the devices and you are stuck with devices that are not updateable or changeable.

I have one of the first Airpot Extremes (it looks like a Spaceship) and it still works, but I have to use the same old Username and Password.

I have an earlier AirPort Express that I used as my personal WiFi in Motels as I traveled. I plugged it into an Ethernet Cable slot and had my own little protected private WiFi network.  You have to reset it for the newer software to see it. Not knowing the model was to early to update, I reset it and right now it is not working.

P.S. I found an early iMac that could no longer be updated and after a little thinkering I am  back in business. With a Big Fat note stuck on it saying please never reset this Airport Express as that will be the end of its life forever.

There is a recommended FirmWare update for both of the newer models. 

Roy Frost, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Photos App

Just a short introduction to the Photo’s App

I took the next photo and wanted to zoom in for a closeup.

I zoomed in for this next image.

As you can see it is a little grainy. I zoomed in by placing two fingers on the screen and pushed them apart. Then I took a screen shot by holding the Wake Sleep button then pressing the Home Button before it could power off.

Roy Frost from Myrtle Beach South Carolina


An App Called Signal

Signal is a security app used for talking and texting. It uses end-to-end encryption, the very best encryption there is at the moment. When talking both parties have the same message on their screen meaning it is a secured conversation.

It works either with your cellular service or VoIP service. Due to SS7 security issues with cellular services it is highly suggested you use it with VoIP services. I am using VoIP service provider TextNow. And interesting discovery I found, I moved my VoIP service off my iPhone and yet Signal continues to work using that same number. I suppose that it will continue unless someone tries to use that same number on Signal. Then of course I will have to get a new number.

When you first set things up you do get a validation code that you have to type in proving the number belongs to you.

Both people need to have Signal for this to work. It works on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Keep in mind that Signal works over your Data Plan or your WiFi (I think).

The service and App are free. Of course you are paying for your Data or WiFi service.

The App is created by Silent Circle.

I suggest this App for everyone especially if you are a Doctor or Lawyer. If you are in government then you are on your own. LOL. 😊

Roy Frost from TheGoodAppleClub in South Carolina, USA.

Contacts Online

I would suggest if you are using any free eMail Service to never store your contacts online.

Most hackers want your contact list so they can pretend to be sending from you. Making it more likely that your friends will click on their bad links.

I find if you look very close they are sending from their account rather than your account (this is new). I got fooled once on this because I sent back telling my friend they had been hacked only to find I really sent back to the bad guy and that told them my eMail was a good one.

If you do store your contacts online I would also suggest you have in your contacts a fake eMail address of your own that you check every day to know when your service has been hacked into rather than depending on one of your friends to tip you off.

P.S. When you buy your Apple Device you are paying for your eMail service. And you can trust Apple a lot better than any of the free services.

Roy Frost from TheGoodAppleClub

Cell Service on $15.00/ Month

I am using an iPhone with the SIM Card removed. The good side of this is it takes care of the security issues with SS7. The downside is you have to place a SIM Card on every update. It also nags you every time you power back up telling you there is no SIM Card (twice).

I am using a Hotspot from Tracfone, 1 gig for $15.00 per month. At the moment I have no idea how much talk or text I can get with 1 gigabyte. But I will update you right here as soon as I figure that out. My TracFone Hotspot uses Verizon’s Network.

I got my VoIP number from TextNow. Text and Talk are free but supported by advertising, you can also pay for the service to get Ad free Service. There are several VoIP service providers out there and I have no way of rating all of them.

The downside of using WiFi for your cellular service is Apple seems to disconnect from WiFi after the iPhone goes to sleep now. This is also good because the iPhone is no longer broadcasting the WiFi connections that it has connected to in the past. At the moment you may have to wake your device up every now and again. When I set TextNow up I was warned that 911 would not work. I think they mean the location services that normally work with 911 will not work. I hope iOS 10 takes care of that.

I am looking forward to iOS 10. I believe this way of using my iPhone will be even better.

You could use this idea on your iPad or iPod Touch as well. Yes you could use your iPad just like an iPhone. Although it may not fit your ear as well. LOL.

P.S. I use my home WiFi and when out and about use other secured WiFi to keep my useage in check.

Roy Frost from TheGoodAppleClub