text instead of iMessage 

Loads of people have much larger texting service than Data and iMessage uses WiFi first then Data while texting uses just the texting service. 

The answer is so simple it may shock you. Turn off iMessage then everything goes on the texting service. It fools you because if you turn off FaceTime it is off. iMessage off just sends everything on the texting service instead of using Data service.



WiFi Router

How to Access Your Router Step by Step

1. Verify the local address of your router. Home routers are manufactured to use a default address such as,, or If unsure of your router’s default IP address, or if you have changed the default previously, follow these instructions: How To Find a Router’s IP Address

2. Verify your computer is connected to the router either via an Ethernet cable or wireless. In either case, ensure your computer possesses a valid IP address.

3. Open a Web browser window and request a connection to the router using its local IP address. For example, type in the browser’s address bar to request a connection to a router using the IP address

4. If the browser request is successful, you will be connected to the router and prompted for the administrative login (username and password) information. Enter the administrative login information to authenticate yourself to use the router’s admin screens. Broadband routers contain default usernames and passwords when first installed. Consult your router’s documentation if you need to know the default login information.
Fix Errors

1. If the browser request returns an error message, your computer is likely not connected to the router. You may need to perform additional troubleshooting to establish a connection. Try the following procedures and repeat step 3 above as needed to resolve any connection problems:

* reboot (power off and on) your router

* temporarily disable your network firewall

* reset your router to factory defaults (consult the manufacturer’s documentation)

Router Access and Wi-Fi

If this is the first time you are connecting to a wireless router for administrative work, consider using a wired Ethernet link rather than a Wi-Fi link. Your Ethernet connection to the router will keep working even if you haven’t finished configuring or accidentally break its Wi-Fi settings.

When connecting to a router via Wi-Fi, keep the computer close to the router – in the same room if necessary – to avoid connection drops due to interference or weak wireless signals. Ensure the Wi-Fi security settings of the computer match those on the router, as mismatches prevent success connections. For more, see –  Reasons Why Wi-Fi Connections Drop.

Send text (SMS) via eMail 

How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Via Email:To send a text message via email, you must use a SMS to email gateway. Just substitute a 10-digit cell number for ‘number’ for each carrier below:

* AT&T: number@txt.att.net

* T-Mobile: number@tmomail.net

* Verizon: number@vtext.com

* Sprint: number@messaging.sprintpcs.com or number@pm.sprint.com

* Virgin Mobile: number@vmobl.com

* Tracfone: number@mmst5.tracfone.com

* Metro PCS: number@mymetropcs.com

* Boost Mobile: number@myboostmobile.com

* Cricket: number@sms.mycricket.com

* Ptel: number@ptel.com

* Republic Wireless: number@text.republicwireless.com

* Suncom: number@tms.suncom.com

* Ting: number@message.ting.com

* U.S. Cellular: number@email.uscc.net

* Consumer Cellular: number@cingularme.com

* C-Spire: number@cspire1.com

* Page Plus: number@vtext.comp

Secret USSD Codes for the iPhone 

So what is USSD exactly?Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows users to access various services through the use of short codes. It usually consists of a number that start with a * and end with a #.

All of these USSD codes need to be entered via the Phone app, and require the input of a handful of digits and characters followed by a tap on the call button. It’s not difficult, but do be careful; sometimes, messing around with these things can cause some serious problems down the line. You’ve been warned.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the codes you’re going to need!

*3001#12345#* – Activate Field Mode, which contains all of your iPhone’s more technical settings. It also converts the signal bars into an actual number.

*#5005*7672# – Check SMS center

*646# (Postpaid only) – Display your available minutes

*225# (Postpaid only) – Check your current bill’s balance

*#31# – Choose whether to hide your number

*3370# – Enable or disable EFR (Enhanced Full Rate), which improves your iPhone’s voice quality, but will quite likely reduce battery life

*#21# – Check call forwarding status

*777# (Prepaid only) – To check the account balance

*#62# – Check which number calls will be forwarded to if no service is available

*#76# – Check connecting line presentation

*#67# – Check the number to be used for call forwarding

*#33# – Check whether anything is barred, such as international calling etc.

*#61# – Check number of missed calls

*#06# – Displays your iPhone’s IMEI number

*#43# – Check call waiting status

*43# – Activate waiting

#43# – Deactivate call waiting


I find Sierra and ElCapiton does not support Empty Trash securely and it is very possible that the Flash Drives do not support that either.

Click Finder on top then Preferences then Advanced.