Contacts Online

I would suggest if you are using any free eMail Service to never store your contacts online.

Most hackers want your contact list so they can pretend to be sending from you. Making it more likely that your friends will click on their bad links.

I find if you look very close they are sending from their account rather than your account (this is new). I got fooled once on this because I sent back telling my friend they had been hacked only to find I really sent back to the bad guy and that told them my eMail was a good one.

If you do store your contacts online I would also suggest you have in your contacts a fake eMail address of your own that you check every day to know when your service has been hacked into rather than depending on one of your friends to tip you off.

P.S. When you buy your Apple Device you are paying for your eMail service. And you can trust Apple a lot better than any of the free services.

Roy Frost from TheGoodAppleClub

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