iPhone Tracking Frequent Locations

iPhone Tracking Frequent Locations

Over the past 5 years or so we’ve heard and seen a lot about cell phone tracking. I’d like to point out an often overlooked tracking on your iPhone, it’s called frequent locations. Your iPhone tracks where you’ve been and how long you’ve been there, doesn’t sound bad if it’s just tracking your travels to and from work, right?  But it knows how long you’ve been out of the house, how long you’ve been at work, or at Home Depot, it’s a little too much information for me.

So if you want to turn it off, while still being able to use HomeKit or shopping apps, follow these steps.

Go to Settings, scroll down and tap  Privacy, at the very top you’ll see Location Services, it’s probably on to give you the tracking you want.  Tap Location Services and scroll down to the bottom and tap System Services.  Now school down and tap Frequent Locations, it’s probably on, so you can review the tracking that’s gone on. Now ,Tap Clear History,  to purge this data, then turn the Frequent Locations off. this will stop the Frequent Locations tracking.

I’d suggest you do this each time iOS updates, because we all just tap “Agree” and that may reset the Frequent Locations tracking.

By the Way it’s much worse on an Android Phone, because this data is tracked through Google and can be used by anyone with permissions on the phone.

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Pinned Tabs in Safari

Pinned tabs in Safari with  El Capitan allows you to Permanently Pin tabs that you refer to frequently.  It’s simple to do and it can be unpinned with little effort.

As we’ve seen there are many ways to add tabs for future reference, my favorite is is the Reading List (Shift+⌘+D). Now with El Capitan you can use Pinned tabs.  Rather than a list it gives you a permanent tab that is easily accessible.

Notice the tab bar it has tabs for open website and addresses.  Let’s add reference tabs that we might use frequently. Let’s add a Tab for Apple and one for Amazon..  To Pin a tab, open the Apple tab and select Window>Pin Tab and you’ll notice the Apple icon appears on the left side of the Tab row. Go to the Amazon Tab and this time Control+Click on it and select Pin Tab, again the icon for Amazon appears next to Apple.

So what we’ve done is created permanent tabs for each of sites. They are not loaded, but probably are preloaded for easy reference.  Let’s check out how they work. Close out all the tabs except one unrelated tab, then click on one of the pinned tabs.  You’ll notice that the unrelated tab is still open and now pinned tab page is displayed, you can go back and forth between your pinned tabs.

What’s even more interesting is that if you open a new Window in Safari and click on a pinned tab and scroll through it.  When you go back to the original window you’ll see both windows tabs are synched.

My new Favorite Grocery Shopping App

My old Shopping app seems to be failing, so that sent me on a search to find a suitable replacement.

After testing about 5 apps, I’ve settled on AnyList, by Purple Cover Inc.

Items can be added to the list from my iPad or iPhone, and my wife can add items also from her iOS devices, we share a log on ID.

It has a free version and so far this level works for me.  An Upgrade is offered at $7.99 for an individual and $11.99 for Family Per Year.

The Upgrade offers to allow you to use Any List from your Computer, import Recipes from the web, Recipe scaling, and Cloud backup among a list of features.  So far, I’m using the Free version.

AnyList can create new lists so I can create special lists for items, (i.e. Home Depot, Office Depot, etc.).

Adding items is easy, simply tap the ‘+Add item’ icon and type or speak the item.  When you’re shopping and pick up an item, you can tap the item on the list to cross it off as complete.   You can tap the clock icon to see recent items or the ☆ to see Favorites. If you tap the 👁  you’ll hide all crossed off items.

How to add a font to your Mac

When you find a font you want to add to your Mac, use a browser to find the font on line and download it to your downloads folders. It will probably be in a zipped file, if so open it by clicking on the Zip file.

Now double click the new font and Font Book will open. On the bottom right click the install font button and the font will be added.

The next time you open pages the new font will be in the font list.