How many digits are you dialing with your cellphone?

As I speak about Area Codes I am referring to the telephone calling network.

One Area Code used to cover a geographical area (back in the all landline days). Now there are often more than one Area Code within the same geographical area. And adding to that confusion Cell towers never respect geographical boundaries.

Early on you could dial just seven digits (without Area Code) of the person you wanted to reach as long as you were calling from within that same Area Code, but now very often you are required to dial ten digits. You were always required to dial ten digits when calling outside your Area Code.

If your Cellphone’s Area Code is 607- and you are calling from within Area Code 843- and calling someone in 607- Area Code you will need to dial all ten digits 607-555-1212. Interestingly a person back in Area Code 607- can still reach you by dialing just seven digits (the network keeps track of your location). If you dial just seven digits you will really reach an 843- Cellular customer, if that number is working. If it is not working most Cellular companies route it to a voice mail system as though it were a working number telling you their number has not been set up to record calls yet.

In today’s environment I suggest you Always dial ten digits.

Note: The parentheses around an Area Code has the meaning of, if required (607) and should never be used for Toll Free codes because they are always required.

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iCraig My View Point

iCraig makes an excellent Stylus and I always get mine at Rite Aid. I have been taken for a ride buying them online.

All these devices work on WiFi over the Internet.

I bought a Security Camera and it totally died after two months of operation.

I bought their LED light and it got really funny acting after a few weeks. It ended up always Red and in front our house my wife had a fit after waking up during the middle of the night finding it as RED as it could get. Thankfully She did not get any offers.

I bought two Plugs and they still work sometimes. Manually they work both locally and remotely. Auto feature works most of the time when turning things on but seldom works when they should be turning off.

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